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Baking Cookies With Your Kids

During these uncertain times of shelter in place and distance learning, take some time to bake with your kids. I remember watching my mom bake cookies and was so excited when she invited me to put on an apron and help her in the kitchen. Cookies have a way of putting a smile on our faces and this just seems to be the time to start making new, positive, and fun memories together.

How should you start?

Start slowly and simply! Sometimes ambitious bakers launch extravagant plans for creating the perfect cookie for kids. I've discovered, mostly through my own experience, that developing a plan where kids can find success and joy is the best way to introduce baking. You might want to find some simple cookie cutters, maybe a holiday theme, or just something fun that they like and enjoy. Next, review the recipe on your own prior to baking with your kids. Taking a first look will give you opportunity to ensure that the steps are easy to follow and not too complicated. Last, don't expect perfection. Invite your kids to make recommendations, ask questions, and understand the chemistry of baking. Kids will remember the joy of baking with you more than the quality of the product. It's always more meaningful for children to see their own imperfect work over the flawless work of someone else. Most importantly, have fun baking together.


You'll want to be sure you have all the ingredients on hand for baking and decorating before you start on your adventure with the kids. Baking takes a lot of time and patience so having all the ingredients and tools ready to go will make the experience memorable and fun.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. View our instructional video on the Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe.

  2. Review the recipe on our Recipe page.

  3. Check all the ingredients.

  4. Gather the tools you might need.

  5. Follow the instructions and start baking.

  6. Next, take a look at the royal icing video and recipe to add some finishing touches.

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