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Pure Joy. That's what I call Surf Dog Bakery. As a retired principal and lifelong educator, I suddenly found myself searching for a new adventure after bidding farewell to the long days and busy nights of school administration. I tried several ideas but couldn't seem to find the right fit. Then, one day I knew my calling.

My dog loves the beach and swimming in the surf. As I watched him chase his ball into the water and emerge each time with the same exuberance, I envied his excitement and reflected on what venture might offer me that same pure joy. After some serious soul searching, I realized that baking was my new true passion. 

Surf Dog Bakery was created to share pure joy and happiness during an uncertain time. It seems to be working.  

Today we are a fully licensed (CFO Class B) Bakery with the County of San Mateo, CA, Record ID PR0093298.


Enjoy life.  Eat more cookies. 

Lisa Tortorich

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